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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatments

Skin Works provide some of the most advanced laser treatments available including NLite-V which has been scientifically proven by leading independent dermatologists to effectively treat acne, scarring, reduce wrinkles and boost skin rejuvenation. Treatment is gentle, quick, safe and discreet and leaves the skin looking younger, smoother and healthier by stimulating the production of natural collagen.

What is NLite?
NLite is a medical laser which emits a unique laser light SmartPulse from a handpiece which is held close to your skin. The treatment does not damage your surface skin which makes this procedure completely safe.

What can NLite do for you?
If you happen to suffer from acne, NLite has been clinically proven to effectively treat inflammation and spots. It also reduces pitting and scars which noticeably improves your skin. If wrinkles are causing you distress NLite can smooth them out, visibly reducing their appearance giving you younger looking skin. Vascular lesions including port-wine stains, spider veins and rosacea etc can also be effectively treated by NLite.

How does NLite work?
When treating acne the SmartPulse laser light kills and reduces the bacteria which causes the infection and stimulates the natural repair mechanism of the skin. When treating scarring and wrinkles the light penetrating into the blood vessels stimulates your body’s natural healing response to build collagen from beneath the skin which gradually pushes the wrinkles and scarring out. To treat vascular lesions a higher energy beam is used which destroys the problem blood vessels which cause the blemishes and leaves healthy skin unharmed.

Does it hurt?
No, treatment is usually painless and patients will only feel a warming sensation on their skin when the laser is applied.

How many treatments are required?
Acne has been shown to significantly improve two to four weeks following a single session and patients will normally receive three treatments three to four weeks apart. Wrinkle reduction works most effectively with three treatments two weeks apart and results are visible after one to three months. Vascular lesions depending on their type and severity are selectively destroyed. Spider veins can take as little as one treatment, whilst other types may need additional treatments.

How long do the benefits last?
Acne clearance has been shown to last more than nine months and maintenance treatments may be required thereafter. Further treatments to maintain wrinkle reduction are only required when you think it is necessary, with typical results lasting 12 months.

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